Heavenly Wings

When memories matter



It's not surprising that cultures around the world have chosen the dove as the symbol for love and fidelity.  When doves pick a mate, they remain faithful for life.  They even share in the raising of their young.

Like the symbol itself, our doves are a unique expression of your love as well as the promises you've made and the hopes you have for your future.  

Releasing white doves is a memorable alternative to throwing rice, flower petals, or bubbles.  Nothing can compare to the awesome release of these lovely creatures in flight.


A white dove released at a funeral or memorial service is the symbolic release of the spirit of the loved one.  

It helps the bereaved say good-bye in a meaningful way and creates a gentle memory of the last farewell.  

For most people, this ritual helps them begin the grieving process.  A white-dove or butterfly release may be given in lieu of flowers.

Celebrations of Life

The unsurpassed beauty of a live monarch butterfly or dove release at memorials, memorial services, life celebrations, burial ceremonies and "Life-Changing" events will add to your lifetime of memories.  

After all, you and your guests will never forget the memories of your special occasion, especially the unique experience of a live butterfly or drove release.  

Doves and butterflies is nature's ultimate symbol of change, transformation and beauty.  Releasing live butterflies and doves for a loved-one is a unique way to honor and remember them.  We are dedicated to making your butterfly or dove release a successful and memorable one!

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